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Structural Heath Monitoring

Leader of the Innovation Committee of the COST Action TU1402

(2014-2018) Structural Health Monitoring is good. But it can be much better. We build upon decades of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), structural risk and reliability research and development grown into a comprehensive research community and an important part of today’s infrastructure engineering. Our network incorporates a tremendous knowledge about SHM technologies, SHM data analysis, structural performance and deterioration as well as infrastructure operation. We want to enhance the benefit of SHM by novel utilization of applied decision analysis on how to assess the value of SHM – even before it is implemented. We know already that the value of SHM can be tremendous. We just have to quantify it. Knowing the value of SHM, we can improve the decision basis for design, operation and life-cycle integrity management of structures and facilitate more cost efficient, reliable and safe strategies for maintaining and developing the built environment to the benefit of society. Acting as the leader of the Innovation Committee of this COST Action, I am having promoting an event so-called Industry Innovation Days, which aims to establish and/or strengthen the communication along this supply chain, i.e. from the Academic/Manufacture levels to the Owner/Government levels. A showcase composed by real applications, with clear evidence of maturity degree (TRL 4 and/or above), supports this event in order to show the Value of SHM Information. More info can be found here: http://www.cost-tu1402.eu/Action/Innovation-Committee
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